1:AM Altmetrics in the last year and what’s on the roadmap

9:45 – 11:00: Altmetrics in the last year and what’s on the roadmap

To set the scene, representatives from all of the major altmetrics tools providers will give an update on their activities in the last year, an overview of where their focus now lies, and some insight into what is to come.

Chair: Martin Fenner, Technical Lead Article Level Metrics, PLOS

Euan Adie, Founder, Altmetric

Euan Adie is the founder of Altmetric, a company that provides article level metrics to publishers, funders and institutions. Before that he was a senior product manager at Nature Publishing Group where he looked after products ranging from an online reference manager to NPG’s mobile apps.

Originally a computational biologist, between 2005 and 2009 Euan ran postgenomic.com, which aggregated blog posts written by life scientists about published scholarly articles.

Andrea Michalek, Co-founder and President, Plum Analytics

Andrea Michalek co-founded Plum Analytics, with the vision of bringing more modern ways of measuring research impact to individuals and organizations that use and analyze research. Recently, Andrea and her Plum Analytics team joined EBSCO Information Services as a wholly owned subsidiary. Previously Andrea founded and was the Chief Technologist of EchoFactor, a spin-off division of Infonautics, that auto-categorized the open web into thousands of topic-based news feeds. In 2001, Andrea founded Topular LLC, a consulting practice where she served as an interim technology executive for software companies.

Through her consulting, she has helped dozens of startups successfully launch their products. In 2007 Andrea helped launch the Summon® web-scale discovery service at Serials Solutions where she was Director of Technology. Andrea earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computational biology from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Science in computer science from Villanova University.

Stacy Konkiel, Director of Marketing & Research, Impactstory

Stacy Konkiel is the Director of Marketing & Research at Impactstory. A former academic librarian, Stacy has written and spoken most often about the potential for altmetrics in academic libraries.

Stacy has been an advocate for Open Scholarship since the beginning of her career, but credits her time at Public Library of Science (PLOS) with sparking her interest in altmetrics and other revolutions in scientific communication. Prior, she earned her dual master’s degrees in Information Science and Library Science at Indiana University (2008). You can connect with Stacy on Twitter at @skonkiel.

Jennifer Lin, Senior Product Manager, PLOS

Jennifer Lin, PhD, is Senior Product Manager at PLOS. She is the primary lead of the Article-Level Metrics initiative and the publisher’s data program. She earned her PhD at Johns Hopkins University. She has 15 years of experience in community outreach, change management, product development, and project management in scholarly communications, education, and the public sector.

David Sommer, Co-founder & Director, Kudos

David Sommer is the co-founder of Kudos, a service that provides tools for authors and their institutions to help them maximise the impact of their published works and measure the results. David Sommer has twenty years’ experience in the global publishing industry, working for Blackwell Publishing/Wiley, Macmillan and now running David Sommer Consulting as well as Kudos. David is actively involved in standards development and chairs the COUNTER Executive Committee, which creates and manages standards for usage data. David also chairs the ALPSP Innovation Awards Committee and serves on the UKSG Research Committee. See www.Growkudos.com and www.DavidSommerConsulting.com

William Gunn, Head of Academic Outreach, Mendeley

Dr. William Gunn is the Head of Academic Outreach for Mendeley, a research management tool for collaboration and discovery. Dr. Gunn attended Tulane University as a Louisiana Board of Regents Fellow, receiving his Ph.D in Biomedical Science from the Center for Gene Therapy at Tulane University in 2008. His research involved dissecting the molecular mechanism of bone metastasis in multiple myeloma and resulted in a novel treatment approach employing mesenchymal stem cells, the body’s own reparative forces. Frustrated with the inefficiencies of the modern research process, he left academia and established the biology program at Genalyte, a novel diagnostics startup. At Mendeley, he works to make research more impactful and reproducible and is an expert on altmetrics, reproducibility, and open access.

Mark Patterson, Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association

Mark Patterson is the Executive Director of eLife, the new open-access journal launched with support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society, and the Wellcome Trust. Mark began his career as an academic researcher in human and yeast genetics before moving into scientific publishing in 1994 as the Editor of Trends in Genetics.

After a few years at Nature, where he was involved in the launch of the Nature Reviews Journals, he moved to the non-profit open-access startup publisher PLOS in 2003. As an editor, Mark helped to launch several of the PLOS Journals and was appointed as Director of Publishing in 2005. He was also one of the founders of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association. Mark joined eLife in 2011 and is based in Cambridge, UK.

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