1:AM How are people using altmetrics now?

11:15 – 12:30: How are people using altmetrics now?

Invited speakers from across academia and the scholarly communication ecosystem will come together in this panel to give their take on how altmetrics are being used now, and the benefits and challenges of this.

Chair: Ian Mulvany, Head of Technology, eLife

Paul Needham, PIRUS

Paul Needham is the Research and Innovation Manager at Kings Norton Library, Cranfield University. He is a member of the NISO SUSHI Standing Committee and the COUNTER Technical Advisory Group. For the last six years, he has mainly worked on projects and initiatives relating to usage statistics based on the COUNTER standard. These include involvement in JUSP (the Journal Usage Statistics Portal), Release 4 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for e-Resources, Release 1 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for Articles, development of SUSHI Lite (a lightweight version of SUSHI for transmitting snippets of usage statistics) and today’s topic: IRUS-UK.

Lisa Colledge, Senior Manager, Global Strategic Alliances, Elsevier

Dr Lisa Colledge is an expert in the use of research metrics that provide insights into research performance of universities, researchers, journals, and so on. She developed this knowledge “on the job” by working with editors and learned societies to build understanding of journal Impact Factors relative to their competitors, and to develop strategies to improve journals’ standings. She then joined the Elsevier Research Intelligence product group, which develops tools to support performance measurement, and most recently launched SciVal.

Lisa currently applies her expertise to Snowball Metrics, for which she is Programme Director; in this initiative, a group of universities agrees a single robust method to generate metrics that are commonly understood, draw on a combination of all data sources available to the universities generating them, and which thus support international benchmarking.

Prior to joining Elsevier, Lisa conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Edinburgh. She holds both a DPhil and an MA from the University of Oxford.

Mike Thelwall, Professor of Information Science, and Kayvan Kousha, Researcher in webometrics and altmetrics at the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, University of Wolverhampton

Mike Thelwall leads the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton, UK and is a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. He evaluates metrics derived from the web and has developed free software and methods for systematically gathering and analysing web and social web data, including for altmetrics, webometrics, and sentiment analysis for Mendeley, Twitter, YouTube, Google Books, blogs and the general web. He also conducts evaluation exercises for large organisations using web data, including for various divisions within the United Nations and European Commission. He has published hundreds of refereed journal articles and three books, including “Webometrics and social web research methods” (free online).

Kayvan Kousha is a researcher in webometrics and altmetrics at the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, University of Wolverhampton, UK. His main research areas include web citation extraction and altmetric analysis based on different sources of online impact. His over 30 refereed publications have investigated a range of methods and sources for the impact assessment of research, including digitized books, syllabi, presentations, blogs, academic social media tools, videos and online reviews.

The underlying goal of his research is to identify web sources for supplementary impact indictors, especially in subject areas where bibliometric indicators might be insufficient for research assessment. He recently co-authored the book chapter “Web Impact Metricsfor Research Assessment” for MIT press and has used the developed web impact methods in practice for several projects such as for the European Commission and for the United Nations University.
Joan Wee, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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