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Is Brazilian scientific circulation partially invisible?

This post is contributed by Thaiane Oliveira from the Universidade Federal Fluminense. The extent to which research achieves visibility and impact is determined by many things, not least institutional norms and the

The psychology in Altmetrics. Brett Buttliere

  The psychology in Altmetrics. Brett Buttliere Altmetrics provides unprecedented access into the scholarly process and outcomes of papers. Here we will argue that these data can be beneficially utilized for understanding

You do want to see how it’s made – seeing what goes into altmetrics

  There’s a saying about oil, something along the lines of “you really don’t want to see how it’s made”. And whilst I’m reluctant to draw too many parallels between the petrochemical

4:AM Hack Day announcement: This year’s “Hack Day” is now a do-a-thon. All are welcome to attend!

Every year, the Altmetrics Conference generates loads of brilliant ideas! These ideas usually range from apps to analysis to advocacy. At this year’s conference, we’d like to see the altmetrics community come