2:AM How are people using altmetrics now?

9:45 – 11:00: How are people using altmetrics now?
Chair: Catherine Williams, Altmetric.com

Stephan Buettgen, Plum Analytics10 in 10: 10 Altmetrics Use Cases in 10 Minutes
A wide variety of institutions are adopting comprehensive metrics to uncover and tell the stories of their research. These include academic libraries, grant funders, publishers and more. This session will showcase ten different use cases of altmetrics from 10 different users. We will see everything from metrics in an institutional repository to metrics in a grant search system. We will hear stories about how altmetrics helped an early career researcher and more.

Andrew Beeken, University of Lincoln – The University of Lincoln Research Bridge
Measuring the reach and impact of research publications is important in helping UK HEIs respond to challenges in the research landscape. With the modern digital publishing ecosystem, the measurement of emerging alternative metrics is becoming increasingly key, as well as identifying how they can be represented and interpreted across multiple disciplines, sometimes using abstract, synthesized values. This can often be a difficult task to do without specific, specialised tools.
To help bring all of these distinct types of measures together, the University of Lincoln is working on a prototype “Research Bridge” platform for use across the institution. This will assist in helping to make sense of not only the currently available metrics, but also institution specific synthesized metrics while being flexible enough to include emerging measures as they become relevant.
This presentation will look at the issues surrounding gathering information from disparate systems, the benefits of an open culture and how using altmetrics alongside other available measurements can change the academic perspective on research impact.

Chantelle Rijs, Frontiers – Linking published articles to a research network – a new perspective on the use of altmetrics
We’re accustomed to aggregating and analyzing impact data at an article level. We make correlations between and draw conclusions from the types of impact different article types in different specialties are having across our incredibly diverse scholarly ecosystem. Academic profile information allows for a range of new, enriched associations to be made between the demographic information of the authors and the impact, including altmetrics, of their published work.
The Frontiers publishing platform is fully integrated into Loop, the new research network for academics, both of which have integrated Altmetric. These enhanced connections provide a multitude of interesting insights.
This presentation will examine the unique linking between published articles, research networks and Altmetric and how the bridging of these gaps highlights new ways to apply altmetrics, including into customized marketing campaigns and article tiering systems at a publishing level and at a research network level: author impact updates and improved content discovery.

Tuija Sonkkila, Aalto University, Leadership Support Services – CRIS and altmetrics
Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) are among the youngest members in the family of support services at academic institutions. However, CRIS systems may be slow in adapting new features. For instance, incorporating various altmetrics could be too much to ask. One obvious answer to this demand is to consider the commercial altmetrics products. Something can be done locally, too.
Aalto University CRIS will be launched in 2016. In this talk, I will present some findings on how data from the Pure CRIS system could be used to build a lightweight web application by joining them with data from free altmetrics APIs.

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