2:AM Schedule Thursday 8th October 2015

9:30 – 9:45: Introduction

9:45 – 11:00: How are people using altmetrics now?
Chair: Catherine Williams, Altmetric.com

Stephan Buettgen, Plum Analytics10 in 10: 10 Altmetrics Use Cases in 10 Minutes
Andrew Beeken, University of Lincoln – The University of Lincoln Research Bridge
Chantelle Rijs, Frontiers – Linking published articles to a research network – a new perspective on the use of altmetrics
Tuija Sonkkila, Aalto University, Leadership Support Services – CRIS and altmetrics

11:00 – 11:20: Coffee break

11:20 – 12:05: Altmetrics and open science
Chair: Mike Taylor, Elsevier Labs

William Gunn, Mendeley – Understanding reader intent: Who are the readers of a papers on Mendeley and why do they add what they add to their libraries?
David Walters, Brunel University – Institutional services and altmetrics as drivers for a cultural transition to open scholarship
Kim Holmberg, University of Turku, Finland – Measuring the societal impact of open science

12:05 – 13:05: Lunch & Posters

13:05 – 13:50: Altmetrics & Research Evaluation
Chair: Erik van Aert, NWO

Thed van Leeuwen, Rodrigo Costas, & Clifford Tatum (CWTS – Leiden University) – Slowing the pace on applying metric techniques on Open Science
Eppo Bruins & Rens Vandeberg (STW / NWO) – Innovation indicators: Why the future is so hard to predict
Edwin Horlings, Rathenau Institute – The power and appeal of new metrics: can we use Altmetrics for evaluation in science?
Peter van den Besselaar (VU University Amsterdam) – What is altmetrics and how to proceed with it?

13:50 – 15:05: Beyond the article: tracking other research outputs

Josh Borrow (Durham University) & Pedro Russo (Leiden Observatory) – A Blueprint for Assessing Societal Impact Through Public Engagement
Robin Haunschild, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research – Networks of reader and country status: An analysis of Mendeley reader statistics
Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen (CERN) & Merce Crosas (Harvard University) – Comprehensive tracking of research workflows using Altmetrics in Social Sciences and High-Energy Physics
Martijn Roelandse, Springer – Bookmetrix

15:05 – 15:25: Coffee break

15:25 – 16:40: Altmetrics Manifesto: Five years on
Chair: Jennifer Lin, CrossRef

Cameron Neylon, Curtin University
Dario Taraborelli, Wikimedia Foundation
Jason Priem, Impact Story
Paul Groth, Elsevier Labs

16:15 – 16:30: Conference wrap-up, Mike Taylor and Jennifer Lin

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