3:AM Hack Day

All are welcome to the 3:AM hack day, which will take place at the same venue as the main conference on Friday the 30th of September from 9am-4pm.

If you’ve got an idea you’d like to explore further we’d love you to come along! Technical and non-technical people will work together through the day to experiment with building new tools and analysing data in different ways. Ideas and problems looking for a solution (and solutions looking for a problem…) are every bit as welcome as coders!

At the last 2:AM conference in 2015 we worked, among other topics, on recommender system, open badges, and did a “Using R to analyize bibliometrics” course. More info here.

Refreshments (including lunch) will be provided.

Please let us know if you’re planning to come along so we can ensure there is enough space and food.

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