Social Events

Bucharest is Romania’s capital and the 6th largest city in the European Union. In such a lively and grand setting, we have a variety of lively and fun venues for us to socialize inside and outside the conference.

During the conference

While we have organised a strong programme of speakers and panel discussions, we consider 3:AM to be a great opportunity for attendees to share knowledge amongst each other. In this spirit, we have planned a number of social events both at the conference venue and around town.

We will properly kick things off on the evening before the workshop (27 Sep) with a cocktail party at Berăria H. Feel free to drop by anytime after 7pm if you’re already in town for the big event. This cafe was especially selected for its local atmosphere and will be the perfect introduction (for many of us) to Bucharest.

Swiftly following the last session on Day 1 (28 Sep), we will hold an onsite reception for attendees to continue their heady discussions with the nourishment of drinks and nibbles.

On Day 2 (29 Sep), we will organize a couple of dining and leisure options for attendees who are still in the area after the conference closes. These will be announced at the closing session.

Beyond the conference

Bucharest is a thriving metropolis, full of history and culture. For those interested in exploring the town, the Village Museum, Romanian Athenaeum, the local museums and parks are noteworthy attractions. In the city center, it will be hard to overlook the Palace of Parliament, the largest parliament building in the world.

Some of attendees may be looking for a literary experience, and Dracula’s castle is only a day trip away in Transylvania, unique in Europe and famous worldwide. Bran Castle, famously known as Dracula’s Castle, is an intriguing 13th century hilltop fortress and one of Romania’s landmarks attracting tourists from all over the world fascinated by the myth of Count Dracula. Peles Castle is one of the most stunning castles in Europe, a masterpiece of architecture and former summer residence of the Royal Family in the picturesque city of Sinaia. For those of you that might want to check the seaside, the Black sea is only 3h away.

See our Travel and Accommodations page for local information on currency, transportation, lodging, etc.

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