4:AM Hack Day announcement: This year’s “Hack Day” is now a do-a-thon. All are welcome to attend!

Every year, the Altmetrics Conference generates loads of brilliant ideas! These ideas usually range from apps to analysis to advocacy.

At this year’s conference, we’d like to see the altmetrics community come together–coder, researcher, and activist alike–for a day of collaboration to advance the field. That’s why we’re reorienting this year’s “Hack Day” to become a “Do-a-thon” (scheduled for 29 September 2017), in which all are invited to participate!

The day’s program will be familiar to those who have participated in hackathons before:

  1. We’ll begin the day with a pitch session for altmetrics-related ideas that can be tackled in a day (e.g. “Create a prototype that retweets academic papers about bananas” or “Create a slide deck that explains altmetrics to beginners”);
  2. Participants will form teams around ideas they would like to work on;
  3. Teams will have a day’s worth of unstructured work time to hash out their code, projects, research ideas, etc; and finally,
  4. We’ll reconvene during the last hour to share each team’s progress and celebrate the advancements we’ve all made in one short day!

Coffee and lunch will be provided to keep you powered up through the day.

Last year we saw a great combination of ideas and technical know-how come together. We especially encourage the non-technical altmetrics community to join this year’s Do-a-thon, as they can lend important expertise and person-power to code-oriented teams. Moreover, there are heaps of great ideas for both research and advocacy that will surely be proposed and in need of exploration by the end of the conference! So come along, even if you’ve never been to a hackathon.

To that end, we invite the entire community–including those who won’t be able to join this year’s Altmetrics Conference in-person–to begin seeding our Do-a-thon ideas list! If you’ve got an idea for an app, analysis, or advocacy project, add it any time before Friday, 29 September, 2017. We’ll be keeping an eye open for the #4amhack for ideas that come up during the Conference and Workshop.

See you next month!

Stacy @skonkiel & Joe @joewass

4:AM Do-a-thon organizers

Image- wointech.com