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4:AM Hack Day retrospective

This year’s hack-day was cast as a do-a-thon. Although the origin of the term ‘hackday’ (and ‘hackathon’) borrows the word ‘hack’ from computer programming (in the “messy prototype” sense), the value in

The Value of Connected Systems

This post is written by Tim Bowman, Professor at Wayne State University. First up was Joe Wass, the Principal R&D Engineer at CrossRef, who presented information about the development of a transparent

The Social Side of Altmetrics

This post is contributed by Zohreh Zahedi of CWTS Leiden.  The Social Side of Altmetrics session chaired by Madeleine Watson from Crossref included 3 talks: The first talk was presented by Juan Alperin and

Not just for Kardashians! Samantha Yasmine’s amazingly effective Instagram brand

This post was written by Josh Clark, Marketing Exec at Altmetric. Finding the most effective channel for promoting research is a common challenge for many researchers. Samantha Yasmine is a biomedical researcher

The Twitter Effect

The session started with a presentation from Brett Butliere, who asked: Are more tweeted papers and topics also more contradicted? Brett and his collaborators had conducted a study of over 160,000 tweets

Highlight Presentations

This post was contributed by Rebecca Welzenbach, Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library. Museum as research institution and publisher: architecting analysis of scholarly content online discussions in a natural history museum using

Tackling the Challenges of Altmetrics

This post was written by Amy Rees, Customer Support Specialist at Altmetric. The third afternoon panel at 4:AM, Tackling the Challenges of Altmetrics, was chaired by Stacy Konkiel (Altmetric) and was focused

Novel and Experimental Uses of Altmetrics

This post is contributed by Euan Adie, Founder of Altmetric. After a session covering some practical uses of altmetrics data at 4:AM, Andrea Michalek from Plum Analytics/Elsevier chaired a set of talks

Practical Applications of Altmetrics

This post is written by Fereshteh Didegah from the Scholarly Communications Lab at Simon Fraser University. The first talk of the afternoon session was about leveraging altmetrics as opportunity indicators by David Sommer. He talked

Altmetrics In Research Evaluation

Lily Troia is a Digital Scholarship Librarian who works as Engagement Manager for Altmetric. The second morning panel at 4:AM, Altmetrics in Research Evaluation, kicked off with a brief introduction from Chair